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Aircraft Rotary Switches

State: CA, WA
  • Digitran, a div of Electro Switch Corp

    Digitran has custom rotary "Very Low Profile" (VLP) single-deck rotary switches, designed for a minimum of 1,000,000 detent. Digitran VLP rotary switches are available in 15-, 30-, 36- and 45-degree indexing angles, as well as custom angles and designs.

    State: CA
  • Van's Aircraft, Inc

    Van's Aircraft has single channel, internal rotary switches for multi-channel display systems. Internal rotary switches are available in single- and double-deck switches with 3 EGT/CHT probes.

    State: OR
  • Cole Instrument Corp.

    Cole Instruments has aircraft rotary switches designed for McDonnell Douglas, Boeing, Fokker, Lockheed and Isreal aircraft systems.

    Santa Ana
    State: CA
  • Esterline

    Esterline offers customized Janco switches designed for anti-brake and anti-skid controls. The Janco switches are designed to activate upon touch-down, and from impact, distance and pressure sensing, it enables the aircraft to reach a smooth stop without skidding.

    State: WA
  • Associated Aircraft Supply

    Associated Aircraft Supply is a distributor for Electroswitch and Graybill rotary switches.

    State: TX
  • DFW AirParts

    DFW AirParts has salvaged Janco aircraft rotary switches, P/N 8-1903-3 and 81903-3.

    State: TX