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State: CA, CT, IN, MN, NC, NH, NY, OH, VA
  • Fluid Components International

    Fluid Components International develops a line of aerospace sensors including flow sensors, liquid level and interface sensors, pressure sensors, and temperature sensors. All the sensors are used in harsh aerospace and military applications with a no moving part element, and feature temperature services up to 800F and pressures to 5000 psig. Depending on type, the sensors detect level, flow, pressure, or temperature in hydraulic and gearbox oil, coolants, potable water applications, fuel and other fluids.

  • Crane Aerospace & Electronics

    Crane Aerospace & Electronics' proximity sensors and pressure sensors are designed for aerospace and other severe applications. The high performance pressure sensors provide accuracy within 0.01 percent full scale, and are used in turbine engine applications ranging from 500 to 5,000 psi. The proximity sensors are available as all-metal passive sensors, hermetic active sensors, or environmentally-sealed active sensors.

  • AMETEK Aerospace & Defense

    AMETEK Aerospace & Defense offers a line of aerospace sensors that includes angle-of-attack sensors, piezoelectric accelerometers, pressure transducers, speed sensors, and temperature sensors. The angle-of-attack sensors are used in a number of commercial and military aircrafts including: B727, B737, B747, B747-400, DC-9, DC-10, MD-11, C-1, C-5, C-17, B-1, C-141, F-5, and T-38. The pressure transducers can operate at temperatures exceeding 400F, and are available in absolute, gage, and differential pressure configurations. The temperature sensors are used to monitor either airframe temperature or engine oil temperature.

    State: CA
  • Measurement Specialties, Inc.

    Measurement Specialties provides sensor for aerospace and military applications including aircraft and helicopter throttle position RVDT sensors and fighter aircraft throttle quadrant dual LVDT position sensors.

  • Jewell Instruments LLC

    Jewell Instruments LLC designs and manufactures tilt sensors and acceleration sensors for various aerospace applications. Accelerometers produced by the company are used for flight control and guidance, fatigue monitoring, and image stabilization. The sensors for flight control feature 100,000 hour MTBF reliability and up to 20g full scale sensing range. The company's tilt sensors are used for stall warning, control surface alignment, and stability augmentation. The inclinometers for control surface alignment offer 0.001-degree digital display resolution.

    State: NH
  • Goodrich

    Goodrich designs and manufactures inertial sensors/rate gyros used in guidance and control systems within aircraft, helicopters, missiles, drones, and remotely piloted aerial vehicles. The company also produces aircraft temperature sensors used in propulsion system and space program applications.


    State: MN
  • Inertia Switch, Inc.

    Inertia Switch Inc. produces a line of aircraft acceleration switches and related products including unidirectional, aircraft stall warning sensors with a range of 0.5g.

  • Honeywell Sensing and Control

    Honeywell Sensing and Control manufactures a line of aircraft sensors including position sensors, force measurement sensors, and pressure sensors for various aerospace applications. The position sensors are available as linear or rotary types, while the force measurement sensors are used for pilot input, servo-loop feedback, overload protection, and payload measurement applications. The pressure sensors are used for bleed air, fuel, engine oil, and hydraulic fluid pressure measurements.

  • RdF Corporation

    Aircraft sensors produced by RdF Corporation include environmental system sensors and turbine engine oil temperature sensor. The two sensor types feature pressure rating up to 20,000 psi, a temperature range of -54 to 316C, and the ability to handle vibration of 50g or 20 to 2000 Hz.

  • Unison

    Unison-brand speed and temperature sensors are used for high altitude, high performance aircraft applications. The speed sensors feature a range of 50 to 30,000 RPM, output amplitude of 0.5 to 125 volts peak-to-peak, and operating temperature of -65F to 500F. The thermocouple sensors feature operating temperature up to 2300F, and response time of 0.25 to 0.50 seconds.

    State: NY
  • Kulite

    Kulite produces a number of transducers and sensors for aerospace applications. Sensor types include general aviation pressure transducers, gas turbine engine sensors, miniature IS silicon diaphragm pressure transducers, aircraft pressure transducers, and high temperature pressure transducers.

    State: NJ
  • Endevco

    Endevco designs and manufactures various accelerometers, pressure sensors, tilt sensor, inertial sensors, and vibration sensors for aerospace applications. The company's sensors have been used for impact monitoring of NASA's space shuttles.

    State: CA
  • Smith Systems, Inc.

    Smith Systems Inc. produces custom speed sensors designed exclusively for use on space shuttles.

  • Active Sensors

    Active Sensors designs and manufactures LVDT and RVDT sensors for primary and secondary flight control electro-hydraulic actuators, engine control valves, brake-by-wire systems and other aerospace and military aircraft applications.

  • Harco Laboratories Inc

    Harco Laboratories Inc. custom engineers aerospace sensors that can handle extreme shock, vibration, and temperature conditions.