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State: CA, ID, IL, NJ, NY, PA, TX, WA
  • Marketing Masters, Inc.

    Marketing Master Inc. manufactures Boeing and Airbus style clip nuts and press fit inserts. The clip nuts can withstand high torque loads and are available in nut thread sizes ranging from 8-32. The press fit inserts are capable of carrying  a 2000-lb. load. The company also offers NAS 1833 thru threaded inserts, NAS 1834 thru hole inserts, NAS 1835 floating nut blind inserts, and NAS 1836 blind threaded inserts.

    State: WA
  • Bansbach Easylift

    Bansbach Easylift offers aircraft end fittings available as ball socket, bracket, elbow joint, fork head, and hinge eye types - with optional stainless steel construction. The company's line of aircraft hardware also include lockable gas spring with stroke ranging from 10 to 24 inches; stainless steel gas springs available in 6/15, 14/28, and 10/22 sizes; standard gas springs with stroke ranging from 3-15/16 to 17-11/16 inches; and 10/28-sized traction gas springs.

    State: FL
  • Fastener Dimensions, Inc.

    Fastener Dimensions Inc. manufactures and distributes a number of aircraft components and hardware including bolts, nuts, screws, pins, studs, rods, plugs, rivets, socket heads, standoffs, spacers, washers, bushing, self-locking fasteners, rings, clips, inserts, hydraulic fittings, and hose assemblies. The components are machined to AN, AS, ABSO, ASNA, ASNE, BAC, BNAE, DAN, DS, ER, LS, MA, MS, NA, NASM, NSA, NTA, and ST standards.

    Ozone Park
    State: NY
  • Jonathan Engineered Solutions

    Jonathan Engineered Solutions designs rugged slides, trays, and assemblies for military helicopter doors and medium/heavy commercial aircraft. The company's line of aircraft hardware includes rugged aluminum slides, friction slides, COTS rack trays and shelves, custom motion assemblies, and commercial steel slides.

    State: CA
  • Bilco Wire Group

    Bilco Wire Group's line of aircraft rigging hardware includes wire rope clips, wire rope thimbles, hawser thimbles, synthetic rope tow thimbles, links and rings, turnbuckles, fist grip clips, shackles, sockets, eye bolts, eye nuts, hooks, snaps, ferrules and sleeves, latch kits, and button stops.

    State: NJ
  • Wicks Aircraft Supply

    Wicks Aircraft Supply stocks a variety of barrels, forks, pins, cable eyes, bolts, washers, nuts, cable bushing, cable shackles, pins, gaskets, O-rings, and lead shot. Other aircraft hardware products include line clamps, latches, threaded taper pins, rivnuts, plugs, rivets, quarter turn fasteners, screws, springs, thimbles, and universal joints.

    State: IL
  • Genuine Aircraft Hardware

    Genuine Aircraft Hardware stocks and distributes a host of aircraft hardware that meet AN, MS, and NAS standards. Specific aircraft hardware includes bearings, bolts, bushings, cable fittings, caps, plugs, rivets, clamps, pins, gaskets, eye bolts, fittings, nuts, threaded insert, hingers, grommets, O-rings, pulleys, screws, and fasteners.

    State: CA
  • Aerospace Manufacturing Inc

    Aerospace Manufacturing Inc. produces aircraft fasteners including screws, pins, bolts, and studs machined to AN, MIL, NS, NA, and NAS standards. The various aircraft hardware is produced from a number of materials including titanium, inconel, waspaloy, A-286, MP35N, alloy steel, H-11, 17-4PH, PH13-8Mo, 300 and 400 series stainless steel, and 400 and 500 series monel.

    State: NJ
  • Seastrom Mfg. Co., Inc.

    Seastrom is a stocking manufacturer of precision fasteners. The company distributes a variety of ISO 9001-certified military specification products for AN, NAS, MS, and M standards. Products include drainage grommets, clamps, gaskets, washers, spacers, bus bars, threaded rods, bolts, brackets, clips, plugs, nuts, lugs, and insulators.

    Twin Falls
    State: ID
  • Kampi Components Co

    Kampi Components Co. supplies aircraft replacement parts to government/military agencies along with industrial and commercial clients. Aircraft hardware in stock includes engine parts, instruments, AC and DC motors, antennas, aviation headsets, batteries, bearings, brackets, bushings, connectors, control assemblies, couplings, fasteners, gaskets, gauges, gears, generators, hinges, pins, plugs, power supplies, pumps, reducers, relays, shafts, rotors, switches, transducers, washers, and transmission parts.

    State: PA
  • Doran Specialties

    Doran Specialties supplies aircraft hardware including bearings, bolts, bushings, captive fasteners, clamps, connectors eyebolts, fitting, inserts, keys, knobs, locking fasteners, hook and loop fasteners, machine screws, nuts, nylon fasteners, O-rings, pins, and plugs.

    State: CA
  • Av-Tech Industries, Inc.

    Av-Tech Industries Inc. distributes AN, MS, and NAS aerospace and commercial fasteners, along with miscellaneous aircraft parts. Specific fasteners and miscellaneous parts include screws, nuts, packing, bushings, bolts, washers, bearings, metal stampings, sockets, pins, fittings, rivets, hinges, sealants, and valves.

    State: TX
  • Taylor Devices, Inc

    Taylor Devices stocks and distributes aerospace hardware including active control systems, vibration isolators, shock absorbers, fluid dampers, shock isolator, liquid springs, hydro-pneumatic springs, load suspension systems, vibration isolators, and vibration actuators.

    State: NY
  • Thuro Metal Products

    Thuro Metal Products machines fittings and connectors for the aerospace industry. The company's high pressure tube fittings include Dynatube, Parker, and Statoflex types. The company specializes in machining titanium and 17-4PH.

    State: NY
  • Wesco Aircraft

    Wesco Aircraft distributes aerospace bearings including a full line of anti-friction bearings used on fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Other aerospace bearings and hardware supplied include ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, needle roller bearings, rod ends, spherical bearings, loader slots, ball bearing rod ends, bushings, and thrust bearings.

    State: CA