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State: CA, CT, FL, IN, MD, TX
  • ADM (Antenna Design & Manufacturing)

    ADM has sold aircraft and aerospace antennas to DOD agencies, foreign governments and defense contractors such as the US Marine Corps, Naval Air Warfare Center, NASA, FBI, US Army, Air National Guard, Lockheed Martin, and many others. Types of antennas include EMI, EMC and Tempest, surveillance, VHF/UHF satellite communication and line of sight antennas, broadband log periodic dipole, and special configurations.

    State: MD
  • Advanced Test Equipment Rentals

    Advanced Test Equipment Rentals specializes in the aerospace, defense and communications industries. They rent dozens of antennas from such makers as AH Systems, ARA, COMP, Com-Power, EMC, EMCO, Electro-Metrics, Empire, ETS Lindgren, Fairchild, Haefely, HP/Agilent, Narda, Sientific Atlanta, Solar, Staddart, and Sunol Sciences. Antennas from 20 MHz to 18 GHz are available.

    State: CA
  • L3 Datron

    L-3 Datron offers airborne antennas for commercial, military and business class aircraft. Datron airborne antennas provide live in-flight television or 2-way broadband connections. They have flown on both manned and unmanned aircraft. L-3 Datron has also served the US Government on a variety of different airborne platforms, including fixed and rotor winged aircraft.

    State: CA
  • TECOM Industries, Inc.

    TECOM Industries offers a variety of flush mounted, blade and microstrip antennas that can be used for instrumentation, flight termination, datalink and telemetry applications for both aircraft and missile platforms.

    State: CA
  • TechComm

    Tech Comm is a designer and manufacturer of Radio Direction Finder antennas for aircraft and mobile platforms. Custom and standard designs are available. Standard DF antenna models are typically broadband antennas covering HF through UHF (2.0 MHz to 2700 MHz).

    State: FL
  • Radio Research Instrument Co.

    Radio Research Instrument carries KU Band aircraft antennas in an enclosed, single transmit, dual receiver, airborne navigational configuration. These were formerly used on P-3 aircraft and can operate at 13.3 GHz.

    State: CT
  • J & N Metal Products

    J & N Metal Products works in the aerospace industry specializing in sheet metal assemblies. Products include antenna mounts, helicopter mods, government/military, instrument housings and panels, dash panels, doors and latches, radio racks, radio trays, and much more.

    State: IN
  • Spectrum Advanced Specialty Products

    Spectrum Advanced Specialty Products' products are built for military/aerospace applications, including aircraft, weapons guidance systems, missile defense, secure communications and military vehicles. Antenna types include aperture, slots, loops/magnetic dipole, planar, helical, and others.

    State: PA
  • Foxtronics Inc.

    Foxtronics offers FLX-3050B antennas for aircraft and helicopters. Frequency range is 28-50 MHz and they can handle 5-50 watts - 20-40 volts input. These aircraft antennas are only 26" in length and weigh in at 1 lb. 10 oz.

    State: TX
  • Aeroantenna Technology

    AeroAntenna is a supplier of aircraft antennas for the aviation industry. The active L1 and L1/L2 antennas are a GPS standard and meet ARINC 743 and DO160C specifications in each band. These aircraft antennas are used in applications where a high level of aerodynamics performance is required.

    State: CA
  • Rantec Microwave Antenna Design & Manufacture

    Rantec Microwave Systems offers a mobile satellite antenna system (MSAS), capable of providing transmit/receive Ku-band data from stationary or mobile platforms such as aircraft. Applications include airborne tailmount antenna subsystem (ATAS), shipboard antenna system (SAS), and ground vehicle antenna subsystem (GVAS).

    State: CA
  • CPI (Malibu Research)

    CPI is a supplier of microwave and millimeter-wave components and subsystems that can generate and control radio frequency (RF) power in radar systems and radar-based sensors. CPI’s components and subsystems are used in airborne systems operated by the U.S. military, as well as in modern and commercial aircraft.

    State: CA
  • Antenna Products Corp.

    Antenna Products offers rotatable log periodic antennas for medium to long range HF circuits, allowing high power communications between fixed and mobile stations such as aircraft, ships or tactical deployments.

    State: TX
  • Myers Engineering International

    Myers Engineering International offers airborne and aircraft antennas, as well as military antennas, for low speed aircraft from 800 MHz to 26 GHz. Yagi-Uda Antenna Arrays are also available, suited for spread spectrum and broadband applications from 400 MHz to 6 GHz.

    State: FL
  • Signal Antenna Systems

    Signal Antenna Systems is a designer and manufacturer of standard and customized aircraft antennas up to 6000 MHz. Other antenna types include broadband omni's, log periodic arrays, shipboard antennas, EMC antennas to 10kw, and complete antenna systems.

    State: CA