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Aircraft & Aviation Fueling Systems

  • GNY Equipment, Inc

    GNY Equipment, Inc. supplies aviation ground refueling products including single and dual fuel hydrants designed to directly service aircraft on the ramp. Single fuel hydrants are available in 52, 72 and 144 inch depths, with other depths available on special order. Optional hydrant features include side extensions, liquid tight penetrations for electrical conduits, split top shell and solid, liquid tight flat base.

    State: NY
  • Parker Aerospace

    Parker Aerospace offers gas turbine fuel systems products including fuel injection nozzles for the aerospace, marine, and power generation markets. Fuel injection nozzles feature NOx level 83 percent below 1996 ICAO standard, active thermal management and optimized fuel placement and atomization for ignition and relight performance.

    State: OH
  • MARS (Modular Aircraft Refueling Systems)

    MARS offers a line of scalable, modular aircraft refueling systems with options including under-wing refueling, self serve fueling and aluminum or stainless steel enclosures. Modules offered include pump and filtration, direct to plane, remote dispensing, truck loading and total access modules as well as combo modules featuring skid integration and 2 or more functions of single unit.

    State: MD
  • Spokane Industries

    Spokane Industries offers a vacuum fuel drain bowser for use in aircraft maintenance featuring vacuum sealing plated for aircraft sump or drain ports.

    State: WA
  • Core Engineered Solutions

    Core Engineered Solutions supplies aviation fueling systems and related components such as fuel storage systems as well as jet-a and avgas modular fueling systems. Modular aviation fueling systems are designed for fixed or rotary wing aircraft and feature NFPA 407 & ATA 103 compliant design. Fueling pumps are available capacities ranging from 30 gpm to 400 gpm and are constructed of weather proof or stainless steel cabinets.

    State: VA
  • Hannay Reels

    Hannay Reels supplies stainless steel refueling manual and powered rewind reels in 1.5", 2", 3" and 4" sizes. Specially designed reels are also available for hazardous environment applications.

    State: NY

    ARM-USA offers lightweight, durable aviation bladders that are resistant to all types of aviation fuels such as avgas, JP fuels, gasoline and diesel for use with unmanned aerial drones and experimental aircraft as well as auxiliary bladders for fire fighting aircraft, replacement bladders for vintage planes and others.

    State: OR
  • General Industries, Inc

    General Industries, Inc. supplies factory assembled fuel systems for diesel, gasoline, aviation fuels, Bio-diesel, Asphalt and other chemical dispensing units with capacities from 300 gallons up to 50,000 gallons. Optional features available include stairs, platforms, card readers, fuel management systems, hi/lo flow pump packages, double walls, fire protection, interior coatings and others.

    State: NC
  • Fuelequip

    Fuelequip is a supplier of fuel handling equipment for refineries, fuel terminals and airports. Aviation fuel products offered include filters, vessels, fuel meters, fuel nozzles, fuel reels, hoses, pumps and valves.

    State: FL
  • Fitzsimmons Systems Inc.

    Fitzsimmons Systems Inc. is a provider of fuel storage tank systems and equipment. Aviation fueling systems include portable systems, self contained packages, aviation fueling dispensers, credit card systems and transfer pump skids. Tank sizes range from 500 to 15,000 gallons.

    State: NY
  • Air Logistics Corp

    Air Logistics Corp offers rapid refueling pump systems for aviation applications. Pumping systems are capable of fueling at a rate of 50gpm to 1200gpm. Available fuel tanks range in capacity from 600 gallons up to 50,000 gallons.

    State: CA
  • Determan Brownie, Inc

    Determan Brownie, Inc is a provider of aviation fueling equipment and services, including jet and avgas refuelers, hydrant carts and servicers as well as stationary refueling and storage systems. Additional fueling equipment available includes bowers, fueling ladders, glycol blending and dispersing equipment, fuel farms and used equipment.

    State: MN
  • Peco Facet

    Peco Facet offers a aviation fuel monitor cartridges in 2" and 6" diameters. Fuel monitor cartridge housings are also available in a variety of styles including vertical and horizontal.

    State: OK
  • Mosbeck, Inc

    Mosbeck, Inc offers services for the avionic fueling sector including the installation of storage tanks, and process piping.

    State: IL