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Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

State: CT, IA, NY
  • WASP, Inc

    WASP Inc's offering of ground support equipment includes crewstairs, tail supports, baggage carts, storage racks, cargo dollies, turntable dollies, container dollies, sort platforms, scissor lifts, towbars, belt loaders, and slave pallets.

    State: MN
  • GNY Equipment, Inc

    GNY Equipment Inc. manufactures and supplies a line of aircraft ground support equipment that includes ground service pits, fuel/defuel valves, hydrant carts, hydrant servicers, hydrant hoses, liquid fifth wheels, midi and mini fuelers, towed pumping carts, potable water cabinets and hose testers, prover tanks, and refuelers.

    State: NY
  • Far West Aircraft, Inc

    Ground support equipment manufactured by Far West Aircraft is used for Boeing B737, B787, and B767 aircraft. Specific equipment includes bootstraps, vacuum equipment, landing gear tooling, and lift devices. The company also produces Boeing electrical maintenance tooling and test equipment from aluminum, plastics, polymers, and steel grades.


    State: WA
  • Victory GSE

    Victory GSE supplies air conditioners, air start units, aircraft jacks, baggage towing tractors, boarding stairs, portable GPUs, hanger GPUS, maintenance stands, push back tractors, and conveyor type belt loaders used by major airlines, the U.S. military, fixed base operators and material handling companies.

    State: CA
  • Carolina Ground Service Equipment

    Caroline Ground Service Equipment supplies a variety of ground support equipment including diesel and electric pre-conditioned air units, electic and diesel airstarts, baggage equipment, battery chargers, current inventory, de-icers, electric aircraft tugs, 400Hz ground power units, helicopter tugs, hydraulic power units, jacks, lav and water carts, nitrogen carts, oxygen carts, test equipment, towbars and tow heads, tug, and wheel and brake dollies.

    State: NC
  • Habco, Inc.

    Habco Inc. manufactures support equipment and test stands for rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft. Support equipment includes portable leakage testers, portable air flow checkers, oil flow testers, vacuum leakage test carts, maintenance cranes, and tire inflation control boxes. The test stands are designed to test air, oil, fuel and hydraulic components including flight surface actuators.

    State: CT
  • Allied International

    Allied International distributes Tronair-brand ground support equipment including towbars, transporters, axle jacks, hydraulic power unit, tripod jacks, oxygen carts, compressor washers, maintenance stands, lavatory service carts, engine oil service carts, nitrogen boosters, wheel chocks, tugs, tire pressure gauges, start carts battery lifts, ground power units, engine stands, fuel transfer units, potable water carts, tailstands, and maintenance ladders.

    Bedford Hills
    State: NY
  • Hannay Reels

    Hannay Reels manufactures refueling reels that bond or ground aircraft, fuel trucks and other equipment. Available with 1/8", 7x19 galvanized carbon steel cable, the reels can hold 75 to 100 feet of hose.

    State: NY
  • Container Research Corp

    Container Research Corp. designs aircraft work platforms including cargo door work platforms, nose work platforms and fuselage assembly work platforms. The nose work platforms can accommodate higher floor loads, while the fuselage assembly work platforms feature a modular design.

    State: PA
  • CME (Aerospace Control Products)

    CME produces portable oxygen test stands used for performing acceptance tests on breathing regulators. The test stands automatically set altitude and flow rates at user programmable valves and generate reports with pass/fail results.

    State: IA
  • Universal Fabric Structures (UFS)

    Universal Fabric Structures designs military aircraft hangars in aluminum or steel. The company's structures house large UAVs including global hawks and predators. Structure door options include big mouth door, Megadoor, bifold, Para-Port, and cargo.

    State: PA
  • Straton Industries

    Straton Industries operates an FAA aircraft component repair station. Components repaired include actuators, gear boxes, landing gear casings, plasma machining, carriers, housings, liner replacement, rotors, flanges, hydraulic shafts, pistons and vane mask molds for helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.

    State: CT
  • Tronair

    Tronair manufactures a line of ground support equipment that includes jacks and stabilizing stands, towbars and tugs, air conditioners, ground power units, fueling units, landing gears, hydraulic power units, ice and rain protection equipment, aircraft tooling, and starting and fuselage equipment.

    State: OH
  • Aero Specialties

    Aero Specialties distributes new, pre-owned, and refurbished aircraft ground support equipment manufactured by more than 30 companies including WASP, Unitron, American Cargo Corp., Bosworth, Cochran, Current Power, Stewart & Stevenson, FMC, PSI, Shields Company, Spence Manufacturing, and Trump.

    State: ID
  • Tolin Design, Inc

    Tolin Design Inc. manufactures jacks, fuselage and wing cradles, engine stands, and vertical and horizontal stabilizer stands as part of its' ground support equipment line.

    State: NJ