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Aerospace Components & Parts Mfg.

State: CA
  • Aerospace Manufacturing, Inc. (AMI)

    AMI is a provider of OEM aircraft parts, weldments and machined components that include general aviation exhaust systems, engine mounts, landing gear, float fittings and other welded parts. A complete CNC machine shop is available.

    State: MN
  • Aircraft Components & Design

    Aircraft Component Design provides aircraft owners, Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facilities, and OEM's with design, manufacturing, reverse engineering, processing and consultation.

    State: MA
  • Aero Engineering & Manufacturing Company

    Aero manufactures airframe components and ground handling equipment for Lockheed Martin C-141, C-130, C-5, S-3, P-3, F-16 and T-33 aircraft. Other customers include Boeing, Fairchild,  McDonnell Douglas, Bell, Northrop Grumman,  Sikorsky and others.

    State: CA
  • AMT

    AMT is a manufacturer of structural parts for OEM's, including engine pylons, struts, wing boxes, wings, wheel wells and  interiors. AMT has content on the Boeing 737, Gulfstream GV, Bombardier Regional Jet, Hawker Beechcraft Premier, Boeing 777, and the Sikorsky Blackhawk.

    State: WA
  • Arnold Engineering Company, Inc.

    Arnold Engineering can machine simple to complex machined parts, manufacture machine part components, and produce sheet metal/machine assemblies and large complex assembly structures. Arnold uses 24,000 rpm ultra high speed 5-Axis knuckle head machines.

    State: CA
  • Capo Industries, Inc

    Capo Industries is an ISO 9001:2000, ANSI/ISO/ASQ Q9001-2000, and AS 9100:2004 certified manufacturer of precision aerospace components. Products include rotating knife edge seals, diffusers, turbine cases, engine mount and yoke assemblies, turbine nozzles, and more.

    State: CA
  • Custom Aerospace Components

    Custom Aerospace Components manufactures components and assembles for the aerospace, commercial aircraft, military aircraft and defense markets. They use CNC milling, turning, grinding and EDM machines, and maintain ISO9100:2008 and AS9100 certifications.

    State: MA
  • Duncan Aviation

    Duncan Aviation provides design, testing, automated machining and sheet metal fabrication, onsite engineering, CATIA 3D modeling, and quick-turn PMA aircraft parts for OEM's, government agencies and aircraft operators worldwide.

    State: MI
  • EMI (Experi-Metal Inc)

    EMI manufactures products for the aerospace industry that include aircraft engine nacelles, duct sections, closeouts, bulkheads, pans, seals and seal retainers.

    State: MI
  • Kurt Manufacturing

    Kurt Manufacturing is a leading provider of components, assemblies, gears and aircraft engine parts, specializing in rapid low volume complex development of aerospace machining. Customers include Boeing, Superior Air, Textron Lycoming, Goodrich, Adams Aircraft, and others.

    State: MN
  • Mendell

    Mendell offers aerospace component machining with tolerances of .0001", using a variety of equipment that includes CNC Swiss turning up to 12 simultaneous axis’, high speed multi-axis milling with up to 5 simultaneous axis’, CNC turning, and 4-axis wire EDM.

    State: MN
  • Odyssey Industries, Inc.

    Odyssey provides all types of tooling from conceptual design through fabrication. They specialize in the design and fabrication of all types of Bond Tools (for nacelles, wings, helicopter cabins and blades, fuselage mandrels, etc.) utilizing invar, aluminum, steel, and composite materials.

    State: MI
  • Hi-Tek Manufacturing

    HI-TEK provides manufacturing of components and parts to major turbine and airframe manufacturers. Products include HPT vanes and nozzles, HPT blades and buckets, HPT shrouds/ring segments/tip shoes/BOAS, casings, combustors, rings, supports and seals.

    State: OH
  • Intrex Aerospace

    Intrex can manufacture aerospace parts (specializing in thin-walled parts) for companies that need more than just simple lathing and milling. Some product examples include couplers, seat frames, tray tables, guidance fins, fuser rollers, clamshells, flanges , retainer rings and missile components.

    State: CO
  • Alloy Specialties, Inc

    Alloy Specialties (ASI) supplies quality products to the commercial and military aircraft industries. ASI has manufactured finish-machined aircraft engine parts and gas turbine parts for Pratt & Whitney, Honeywell Engines, and the U.S. Tank Command.

    State: CT
  • Aerostar Aerospace

    Aerostar Aerospace, an ISO9001 and AS9100 registered company, manufactures products for aerospace, defense, medical, and commercial customers. Materials include inconel, titanium, stainless, aluminum, plastics, castings and forgings. Services include machining of complex castings, forgings, and hog outs.

    State: AZ
  • American Micro

    American Micro uses CNC and Swiss machining technology to machine inconel jet engine fan blades, aircraft braking system components and hydraulic fittings. Also available are manufactured Mil-Spec electrical connectors and electronic aerospace components.

    State: OH
  • MSP Aviation

    MSP Aviation manufactures precision sheet metal and machined components for the Aerospace industry, including avionics clamps, avionics cases, machined products, sheet metal fabrications, avionics air ducts, switch guards, electronic cable harnesses, NVIS legend plates, optical filters and diffusers.

    State: IN
  • HSB Aircraft Components

    HSB has the capability to turn aircraft components up to 39" in diameter and over 30" long, including 4-axis milling and surface grinding. Products are manufactured from stainless steel, aluminum, hardened steel, case hardened steel, titanium, plastic and nickel alloy.

    State: CT
  • Chistensen Industries

    Christensen Industries is a ISO 9001:2000 certified precision metal manufacturing for the aerospace, military and medical industries. Aerospace parts manufacturing services are available including planning, egineering, design, metal fabrication, machining, welding, heat treating and chemical processing.