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Aircraft Landing Gear Actuators

State: CA, GA, NH, NY, OH
  • Aerospace Turbine Rotables

    Aerospace Turbine Rotables offers landing gear actuators with the following capabilities: brakes/wheels, twin commander assemblies, Pilatus PC12, hydraulic, mechanical, beechcraft nose, etc.

    State: KS
  • Trelleborg

    Trelleborg offers landing gear actuators for sealing system applications in high debris environments. These actuators feature advanced polymer technology seals and a load-carrying/low-friction construction. They are consistent, reliable, and safe.

    State: NH
  • Moog, Inc.

    Moog, Inc. offers aircraft utility actuation products for a wide variety of aerospace applications, including: braking, steering, air inlets, aiming, payload stabilization, bladefold, wingfold, retraction, landing gear extension, cargo door, etc. Moog landing gear actuators are ideally used for retraction, extension, and nosewheel steering operations.

    State: CA
  • GE Aviation Systems

    GE Aviation Systems offers landing gear systems for military and large civil aircraft applications. These systems have the following benefits: weight reduction, cost reduction, part count reduction, combining/simplifying functionality, system architecture optimization, low technical risks, mature performance, etc.

    State: OH
  • Circor Aerospace Inc

    Circor Aerospace, Inc. offers landing gear systems for a variety of rotary and fixed wing aircraft applications. These systems have the following features: graphic/numeric data printouts, real time disc storage and data video displays, servo-controlled/closed loop applied loads, and computer generated input drive commands.

    State: CA
  • Parker Hannifin Corp.

    Parker Hannifin Corp. offers landing gear actuators for a wide range of commercial, military, and aviation applications, including: unmanned aerial vehicles, trainers, helicopters, regional aircraft, etc.

    State: OH
  • The Aviation Group

    The Aviation Group offers landing gear actuator repair services.

    State: GA