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Aerospace Linear Actuators

State: CA, IL, KS, NJ
  • Aero Space Controls Corp.

    Aero Space Controls Corp. offers linear actuators for controlling movement in a wide range of applications, including: rudder pedal adjustment, duct butterfly actuation, valve actuation, louver, cowl flap, trim lab, etc. These single/dual ram actuators feature nominal loads ranging from 10 to 700 lbs and strokes ranging from 0.40" to 3.38".

    State: KS
  • Curtiss-Wright Controls

    Curtiss-Wright Controls offers electromechanical linear actuators for aerospace applications. These actuators feature ball-screw or ACME lead-screw options, and they use DC  brush-less or DC brush motors. Actuator accessories include: control electronics, tachometers, RVDTs, shychros/resolvers, clutches/brakes, and gear-heads.

    State: AZ
  • CEF Industries

    CEF Industries offers linear actuators that can perform over a variety of speed/load capabilities. These actuators feature a modular design, operating compressive loads capacities up to 150 lbs, and they can cover variant strokes ranging from 0.59" to 5".

    State: IL
  • HGS Aerospace

    HGS Aerospace offers linear actuators for a variety of machining applications, including: assembly, water jet, light duty milling, measuring, drilling, routing, etc. These actuators feature built-in brakes, two-connection installations, 45 degree cup rotations, blow-off/single vacuum ports, and an optional Venturi on-board vacuum system. They have stroke lengths up to 36", rated maximum axial loads up to 200 lbs, and +/-0.003" stroke accuracy ratings.

    State: MI
  • ITT Aerospace

    ITT Aerospace offers Hi-Rel linear actuators for a wide range of demanding applications. These actuators feature non-jamming mechanical stops, force-limiting capabilities, machine screw drives, permanent magnet motors, and optional electromechanical integral brakes. They come with aluminum enclosures that are environmentally sealed.

    State: NJ
  • Thomson Aerospace & Defense

    Thomson Aerospace & Defense offers electro-mechanical actuators for the following applications: precision/weapons guided missiles, satellites, space, military land vehicles, military aerospace, and commercial aerospace.

    State: MI
  • Moog, Inc.

    Moog, Inc. offers linear mechanical actuators for the following applications: utility actuation, active vibration control, weapons bay door drives, engine controls, and flight controls.

    State: CA